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Our proactive approach to IT management relieves you of your technology woes. No matter which systems and devices your staff use, or even where they are located, we provide day-to-day support that prevents problems from cropping up, and quickly resolves any issues that do slip through the cracks. Our proven methodologies ensure our customers experience less downtime and enjoy greater productivity and in turn greater success.

Managed IT Support

NZ ServiceDesk Plus supports any IT systems through out top team of certified engineers. We cover all system needs and provide comprehensive solutions for business continuity practice, server support, network support, desktop support, peripherals support, mobile device support, CCTV and phone systems support.

Network Design

NZ ServiceDesk Plus has been at the leading edge of WAN and LAN network architecture development and design for many year. We has been involved in many major projects, leading the strategic planning, design and successfully implementation of best of breed systems in multinational environments, with great success. 

Mobile Office Solutions

NZ ServiceDesk Plus provides mobile office solutions to allow authorized and secure remote access to your network. We design a secure foundation of remote access for your network, which allows any remote users or technical support to work in a timely and efficient manner from any authorized location in the world.

Firewall Solutions

Your firewall is the foundation of your network security. NZ ServiceDesk Plus provides an appropriate level of security solution to your network to ensure that your firewall hardware and software matches your business requirements. We have been worked with a wide range of applications and security devices to make sure we have a security solution which meets your business needs.

Hardware&Software Solutions

NZ ServiceDesk Plus has been worked with a range of leading hardware and software suppliers to ensure we achieve the best pricing for our customers to maximize their ICT Budgets. We provide the best services to order, deliver and install any hardware, software, peripheral or phone requirement on your businesses behalf. We allow you to focus on your core business matters while NZ ServiceDesk Plus do what we do best - comprehensive end to end solution implementation.

Virus Protection

NZ ServiceDesk Plus has been worked with a range of leading Anti-Virus providers to provide a well-planned Anti-virus solutions to your network environment. With our Anti-Virus solution, it prevent infections, manage outbreaks, quarantine files and shut down specific processes in your network, and you can be sure that devices on your network are updated with the most current pattern files available. 

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