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Get a remote support from NZ ServiceDesk Plus

TeamViewer Quick Support

1. Download TeamViewer Quick Support to your computer from here

2. Run TeamViewerQS.exe

3. Call us on 09 300 3878 or 021 123 5826 (after 6pm) or email at

4. Provide Your ID and Password to us for a remote support

5. Click the "Disconnect" button to terminate the session at any time

Please note the software will only allow us to log on when you explicitly allow it each time. We can not make unattended log-ins with this software.

NZ ServiceDesk Plus QuickSupport

Chrome Remote Desktop

1. Open Google Chrome, download and install Chrome Remote Desktop from here


3. After install, open Chrome Remote Desktop from Google Chrome

4. Click Share

5. Contact us and provide your Access Code to us for a remote support

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